Driving the Bio-Based Revolution through MainstreamBIO’s digital toolkit

Project newsDriving the Bio-Based Revolution through MainstreamBIO’s digital toolkit

Driving the Bio-Based Revolution through MainstreamBIO’s digital toolkit

Discover the MainstreamBIO Digital Toolkit – your essential resource for navigating the bio-based world with ease. Created to support bio-based initiatives and deepen understanding of the bioeconomy, οur comprehensive toolkit is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, researchers, and bio-sector enthusiasts.

The Bio-Based Technologies Catalog houses a diverse array of small-scale bio-based technologies, business models, and social innovations. It facilitates cross-case comparisons and provides an assessment of opportunities for entrepreneurial endeavors. Within this toolkit, you’ll find a collection of best practices aimed at efficient nutrient recycling. By managing nutrients effectively and recycling organic matter back into soils, our consortium contributes to sustainable practices. Additionally, the toolkit includes a powerful Decision Support System that assists users in matching available primary and secondary biomass with suitable bio-based technologies and products.  Dive into the unique bioeconomy profiles of seven European Union rural communities to understand their local context, needs and barriers challenges, and value chain examples.

MainstreamBIO’s toolkit also aggregates educational materials from various bio-based projects, raising awareness about bioeconomy education and empowering individuals and organizations. Lastly, engage in meaningful dialogue within the BioForum, connecting with fellow members, exchanging ideas, sharing solutions, and celebrating good practices.

Together, let’s drive innovation and shape the future of the bioeconomy!

Visit MainstreamBIO’s website dedicated page to explore the toolkit and unlock endless possibilities.

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