Introducing the New European Innovation Agenda !

Other NewsIntroducing the New European Innovation Agenda !

Introducing the New European Innovation Agenda !

Innovation, and in particular its new wave of deep-tech innovation, is Europe’s reply to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, to make EU economies more digital and to guarantee Europe’s food, energy and raw materials security.

The New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA), adopted on 5 July 2022, is a set of legislative initiatives that aims to position Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups. This will allow Europe to pursue new technologies to address the most pressing societal challenges, such as climate change, by accelerating the development and scaling up of innovations across the EU through a coherent set of actions.

By leading on innovation, in particular on the new wave of deep-tech innovation requiring breakthrough R&D and large capital investment, Europe will reinforce its central role in shaping the green and digital transitions. Deep tech innovation is expected to reinforce Europe’s technological leadership and generate innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges. Such innovations will benefit all sectors ranging from renewable energy to agri-tech, from construction to mobility and health, thereby tackling food security, reducing energy dependency, improving people’s health and making our economies more competitive.

The New European Innovation Agenda sets out 25 dedicated actions under five flagships:

  • Funding Scale-Ups will mobilise institutional and other private investors in Europe to invest in, and benefit from the scaling of European deep-tech start-ups
  • Enabling innovation through experimentation spaces and public procurement will facilitate innovation through improved framework conditions including experimental approaches to regulation
  • Accelerating and strengthening innovation in European Innovation Ecosystems across the EU will support the creation of regional innovation valleys and help Member States and regions direct at least EUR 10 billion to concrete interregional innovation projects, including in deep-tech innovation for key EU priorities
  • Fostering, attracting and retaining deep tech talents will ensure the development and flow of essential deep tech talents in and to the EU through a series of initiatives
  • Improving policy making tools will be the key for development and use of robust, comparable data sets and a shared definitions (startups, scale-up) that can inform policies at all levels across the EU

These initiatives will allow EU investment to be targeted to promoting scale-up of EU innovative businesses, and provide additional cooperative opportunities for all EU actors in the fields of education and research and innovation (R&I).

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