MainstreamBIO’s promotional video was officially released !

Project newsMainstreamBIO’s promotional video was officially released !

MainstreamBIO’s promotional video was officially released !

We are extremely proud to announce that MainstreamBIO’s promotional video is available for all to see.

The promotional video presents the main features of the MainstreamBIO project, its aims, its concept, and its vision for the development of bioeconomy in rural areas across Europe. This is already uploaded on MAINSTREAMBIO’s YouTube channel, the project’s website, and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Feel free to watch it and share you thoughts in the comments sections.

Content-wise, the video follows a narrative approach, including visual characters interacting with each other to set out small scale bio-based solutions into mainstream practices across 7 EU rural regions. The diversity of characters depicts the project’s inclusive perspective. The approach is engaging enough to familiarize a wide audience with the project whether or not they are experts in the field of bioeconomy. Subtitles in English have been included in the video to capture the audience from the 7 different pilot sites but also to a larger international audience.

The video provides a glimpse of the different innovative support services provided by MainstreamBIO to foster sustainable and inclusive growth of the bioeconomy. These innovation services cover both business and technical aspects to implement small scale bio-based solutions across 7 rural areas in Europe. Last but not least, MainstreamBIO’s digital toolkit is also highlighted to improve the understanding of the bioeconomy sector through educational resources based on research findings and tools.

Discover how bio-based products can play a pivotal role towards future growth and addressing societal changes here.

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