Our Co-creation workshop in Denmark ended successfully !

Project newsOur Co-creation workshop in Denmark ended successfully !

Our Co-creation workshop in Denmark ended successfully !

On 19 June 2023, our Danish MIP (Food & Bio Cluster Denmark) organised a dynamic co-creation workshop aimed at exploring and improving MainstreamBIO‘s toolkit services portfolio. The workshop brought together 12 stakeholders from the advisory, educational, and agricultural sectors, both in-person at Agro Business Park in Tjele, Denmark, and online. The event fostered insightful discussions and generated valuable recommendations for advancing bio-based solutions and sustainable agriculture.

The participants acknowledged the increasing importance of market analysis, sustainability reports, science-based targets, and climate labeling in the bio-based sector. They emphasized the need to actively use available data, integrate new data from farmers’ precision equipment with existing national data, and ensure applicability across various technologies, stakeholders, and sectors. Matchmaking and demonstration were identified as crucial elements for fostering collaboration and showcasing bio-based solutions.

While the stakeholders recognized the value of business models, their primary focus was on matchmaking services. There was a concern that the services offered by MainstreamBIO might overlap with existing government-funded support systems for start-up companies. However, the convenience and easy access to services were suggested as important factors for stakeholders.

Regarding the technological services portfolio, participants expressed a strong interest in gaining hands-on knowledge about conservation agriculture (CA), no-till agriculture, and regenerative agriculture. The need for collaboration and networking to enhance understanding of soil biology and its impact on crop production was emphasized. Intercropping was also highlighted as a potential solution for self-sufficiency in feed production and soil improvement.

Moreover, the stakeholders appreciated the digital toolkit as a valuable resource, often referred to as a “telephone book” for accessing information on technologies, connections, and specific biomasses. They emphasized the importance of reliable results and measurements in best practices reports, particularly in areas like conservation agriculture and bio-stimulants. Additionally, the toolkit was seen as an opportunity to disseminate ideas and technologies among stakeholders in Europe.

To make bioeconomy more tangible and applicable, stakeholders suggested providing “everyday” examples that demonstrate its benefits for farmers, industry, and consumers. User-friendliness and regular updates were crucial for the toolkit’s viability and trustworthiness. Concerns were raised about potential conflicts of interest with other support tools offered by advisory services and business centers.

Overall, the collaborative meeting shed light on the significance of knowledge sharing, matchmaking, and hands-on learning in advancing bio-based solutions. By streamlining services, improving access to information, and addressing stakeholders’ specific needs, MainstreamBIO aims to drive positive change for the entire value chain of the bioeconomy sector in Denmark. 

Through continued collaboration and innovation, the bio-based sector can thrive, contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture, industry, and the environment.

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