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About the focal region

Västernorrland is a global leader in the field of biorefinery, offering advanced services and technologies for the sustainable processing of biomass into various bio-based products. The region’s forest-based bioeconomy, encompassing forestry, wood, paper, pulp, chemicals, and residual waste management, plays a pivotal role in driving its strong industrial system. With significant investments in streamlining and automation, the forest bioeconomy has evolved to meet societal needs, shifting from printing paper to packaging products and biofuels. There is also a growing emphasis on value creation and sustainable circular business models, focusing on sustainable forest management, climate adaptation, new product development, and efficient utilization of raw materials and residue recovery.

As part of the MainstreamBIO initiative, Västernorrland will benefit from a range of support services. These include scale-up advisory, technoeconomic analysis, market analysis, access to funding and financing support, and matchmaking opportunities. By leveraging these resources, the region aims to further enhance its bioeconomy and capitalize on its existing strengths.

In Sweden, the bioeconomy holds substantial economic significance, with an estimated annual value of 258 billion Swedish Kronor, equivalent to approximately six percent of the country’s GDP in 2015. The forestry industry stands out as the most active sector within the Swedish bioeconomy, driving employment and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Regional feedstock and value chains

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Forest residues
  • Bio-sludge
  • Fiber sludge/fibre reject from pulping industry


  • Stimulating entrepreneurship in SMEs
  • Promoting gender equality and inclusivity
  • Fostering innovation, service, and product development
  • Supporting regional processing and spin-offs
  • Enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing


  • Disparities in employment, education, and wage levels
  • Gender imbalance in the sector
  • Ensuring continued high levels of appeal and employment
  • Adapting to evolving market demands
  • Addressing the need for greater competitiveness in the region

Context and needs of rural stakeholders

What MainstreamBIO brings

  • Stimulating increased entrepreneurship within SME companies
  • Promoting innovation, service, and product development
  • Supporting regional refinement and spin-offs
  • Addressing employment, educational, and wage disparities
  • Embedding the bioeconomy further in the region
  • Securing funding for bioeconomy initiatives
  • Establishing partnerships with large companies
  • Overcoming the risk associated with testing new technology
  • Difficulty in getting large companies to test the technology
  • MainstreamBIO support services: Scale-up advisory, Technoeconomic analysis, Market analysis, Access to Funding, and Matchmaking


Johan Börjesson ([email protected])
Jonna Almqvist  ([email protected])

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