Our focal regions

The Netherlands

About the focal region

The Multi actor Innovation Platform in the Netherlands focuses on fostering the development and identification of small-scale biobased solutions in the regions of Friesland and Flevoland. These regions serve as case studies where the platform provides support on both technological and business levels. The aim is to assist and elevate these regional biobased solutions to the next stage of growth and implementation. As the bioeconomy in the Netherlands continues to flourish, there is still much work to be done. Collaboration and connection with like-minded parties play a crucial role in driving the advancement of the bioeconomy forward.

Friesland and Flevoland, the two regions involved in the MIP, are highly developed agricultural areas in the Netherlands. With their rich agricultural resources and expertise, they offer a strong foundation for bioeconomic activities. However, further development and innovation are required to fully unlock the potential of these regions. Through the Multi actor Innovation Platform, stakeholders in Friesland and Flevoland can come together, exchange knowledge and ideas, and work collaboratively to drive the growth and success of the bioeconomy. This platform serves as a catalyst for developing synergistic solutions and promoting sustainable practices in the agricultural and biobased sectors in these regions.

Regional feedstock and value chains

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Crop residues
  • Grassland (roadsides or nature grass)
  • Manure


  • Connecting players in the value chain
  • Support the cases where ever it’s needed


  • Willingness of farmers to innovate, hindered by legislation
  • High costs of implementing nutrient recycling practices as a major barrier
  • Limited quality standards for biobased products
  • Ineffective cooperation between value chain actors
  • Lack of clear and consistent policy on biobased products
  • National laws and regulations not tailored to local needs

Context and needs of rural stakeholders

What MainstreamBIO brings

  • Rural stakeholders can use help connecting their dots, finding funding for their ideas or need help with a suitable business model.
  • MainstreamBIO offers support through its broad network
  • Assistance in designing a process scheme
  • Conducting a business analysis
  • Support in overcoming legislation hurdles
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Addressing technical issues
  • Available for answering any other questions or inquiries
  • Willing to dive into specific case studies


Rommie van der Weide ([email protected])

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