MainstreamBIO activities will be organized into

in order to fulfill project goals:
WP1, Analysis of current situation and set-up of regional multi-actor innovation platforms

This WP will establish the regional MainstreamBIO Multi-actor Innovation Platforms (MIPs) and analyze needs, barriers and challenges on uptaking and scaling up small-scale bio-based solutions in the target rural areas.

WP2, Development of innovation support services and digital toolkit

This WP will catalogue technologies, business models and social innovations for small-scale bio-based solutions, identify and inventorise best practices  for improved  nutrient recycling practices in rural areas and finally develop, upgrade and integrate digital tools and support services in the MainstreamBIO digital toolkit.

WP3, Delivery of innovation support accelerating the scale up of small-scale bio-based solutions

This WP will set the beginning for rural actors support through engaging them in the MIPs,  encouraging multi-actor partneships, organizing capacity building workshops, delivering tailored innovation support for small-scale bio-based business models acceleration as well as catalyzing connections between stakeholders and bioeconomy awareness through networking events and education campaigns.

WP4, Evaluation, sharing of best practices, peer-learning and knowledge transfer

This WP monitor and evaluate the regional multi-innovations platforms, organize and run regional workshops to open up scale up, mutual learning and knowledge transfer pathways and build on learnings to offer policy recommendations , replications guidelines and practice abstracts to the Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy.

WP5, Dissemination, communication and exploitation

This WP will set up and run dissemination and communication activities, clustering and cooperating with other projects, define MainstreamBIO’s IPR Management Strategy and results’ exploitation and develop sustainable business plans for the regional MIPs and digital toolkit.

WP6, Project management and coordination

This WP will monitor and ensure the effective collaboration, the fulfilment of project goals and the delivery of  on-time and high-quality results.

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