MainstreamBIO creates and implements a digital toolkit to better match as well as to improve understanding of the bioeconomy through a suite of educational resources based on existing research findings and tools.
MainstreamBIO digital toolkit provides
A catalogue of small-scale bio-based technologies, business models and social innovations,

for cross-case comparison and assessment of opportunities for business endeavours

A collection of best practices for improved nutrient recycling,

to successfully manage nutrients and organic matter recycling back to soils

A Decision Support System,

which helps you match the available biomass and waste streams with small-scale bio-based technologies, business models and social innovations

A Bioeconomy Repository,

whose purpose is to aggregate educational material from such bio-based projects and raise awareness on bioeconomy educational resources

A Tool Library,

which provides you with access to many bioeconomy tools (bioresource mapping, catalogues, side stream value tool, etc.) from other projects relative to bioeconomy

A BioForum,

to communicate, exchange ideas, solutions and good practices and connect with other members of the Multi-actor Innovation Platforms

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