Green Methanol on the Horizon !

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Green Methanol on the Horizon !

In the heart of innovation, the Leuna100 project is set to revolutionize methanol production for industrial use. At Fraunhofer IWES Hydrogen Lab in Leuna (Germany), a groundbreaking green methanol plant is in the works.

“In 1923, the world’s first commercial methanol plant was built in Leuna. We now build on this success story by completely reinventing the process of methanol production at the same site exactly 100 years later” – Christoph Zehe from the climate tech start-up C1.

Green methanol, derived from biogenic materials or CO2, holds great promise, especially in the shipping industry. It could be the game-changer we need in our quest for sustainable transport solutions. The Leuna100 project unites top institutions like Fraunhofer IWES, UMSICHT, DBI-Gastechnologisches Institut, TU Berlin, and C1 to create a unique catalytic process that paves the way for large-scale green methanol production.

In a world moving towards renewable fuels, Leuna100 bridges the gap between innovations and mass production. By linking various steps in production, we’re one step closer to a fossil-free future. While other biogenic fuels are promising, green methanol shines as the most cost-effective solution.

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