Our Co-Creation Workshop in the Netherlands was a success !

Project newsOur Co-Creation Workshop in the Netherlands was a success !

Our Co-Creation Workshop in the Netherlands was a success !

Last Thursday, on 11th May 2023, the newly formed Dutch Multi-actor Innovation Platform (MIP) of the MainstreamBIO project held its co-creation workshop at the location of ACRRES in Lelystad, The Netherlands. The workshop is part of a series of co-creation workshops taking place between May and June 2023 to pave the way for the development of innovative support services. 

Present MIP members (farmers, researchers, business actors and policy makers) gathered, adopting a co-creation strategy to share their ideas on regional needs and barriers for the upscale of the biobased sector in the Netherlands.  

During the workshop, MIP members took part in several activities to support MainstreamBIO’s development of innovative support services. Numerous ideas and suggestions were proposed to assist MainstreamBIO in defining the service portfolio encompassing technical and business services to be offered. Furthermore, MainstreamBIO’s digital toolkit was discussed, and people were asked to respond to a survey after the meeting in order to receive valuable feedback on the functionalities of the toolkit. Finally, a case study on the valorisation of pumpkin resides to produce beer was presented. 

We look forward to our upcoming co-creation workshops, an activity under which different stakeholder groups join to shape the future of their regional innovation support services, fostering growth and development across sectors. 

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