Co-creation workshop in Poland: Unlocking bioeconomy opportunities

Project newsCo-creation workshop in Poland: Unlocking bioeconomy opportunities

Co-creation workshop in Poland: Unlocking bioeconomy opportunities

On 31 May 31 2023, our Polish MIP successfully organised a co-creation on the development of bioeconomy. The workshop took place at the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG) in Puławy and brought together participants from various stakeholder groups, including farmers, advisors, researchers, business actors, and policy makers. The event served as a platform for constructive discussions and provided valuable feedback on the functions and resources of the toolkit designed to support innovation in the bioeconomy sector.

During the workshop, participants expressed their interest in several key services for innovation support, which they believe will significantly contribute to the growth of the bioeconomy in Poland. A number of services were highlighted as particularly important by Polish stakeholders.

The need for a catalogue of Biobased Technologies and Best Practices figured among them. Indeed, participants expressed a strong desire for a comprehensive catalogue that encompasses a wide range of biobased technologies and best practices. This resource would serve as a valuable handbook for those looking to start new business activities or reengineer existing ones. The availability of such a catalogue in the local language was emphasized as crucial for ensuring its usability and widespread adoption.

Furthermore, the necessity of a proper business model design & mentoring. Stakeholders recognised the importance of effective business model design and mentoring for the success of bioeconomy initiatives. They expressed the need for support in developing robust and sustainable business models that align with the principles of the bioeconomy. Mentoring activities that focus on managing finance stability, risk strategy, and marketing of innovation were deemed particularly attractive to participants.

Rural stakeholders also highlighted the significance of collaboration and partnerships in driving bioeconomy projects forward. They emphasized the need for a platform that facilitates matchmaking and enables users to find suitable partners for successful collaboration. Additionally, the exploration of crowd-funding opportunities on the platform was suggested as a valuable feature.

Upscaling from local to European markets is another key service mentioned. Polish stakeholders expressed their ambition to expand their bioeconomy initiatives beyond local markets and tap into the European market. They stressed the importance of support and guidance in upscaling their operations to ensure competitiveness and success on a broader scale.

Based on the feedback received during the co-creation workshop, IUNG committed to provide all necessary support for the successful development of the bioeconomy sectors in Poland. The valuable insights shared by participants will guide the MainstreamBIO team in refining the toolkit’s functions and resources to better meet the needs of the stakeholders and contribute to the growth of the bioeconomy in Poland.

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