Join our Co-Creation Workshops: Shaping the future of the biobased sector !

Project newsJoin our Co-Creation Workshops: Shaping the future of the biobased sector !

Join our Co-Creation Workshops: Shaping the future of the biobased sector !

In an exciting collaboration, the consortium partners INNV (ES), MTU (IE), AUP (BG), IUNG (PL), WR (NL), PROC (SE), and FBCD (DK) are thrilled to announce a series of co-creation workshops taking place between May and June 2023 (1 workshop in each respective country). These workshops will pave the way for the development of innovative support services offered by each MIP (Multi-actor Innovation Platforms).

The primary goal of these workshops is to adopt a co-creation strategy that actively involves essential stakeholders in shaping the portfolio of technical and business  support services that MainstreamBIO will offer to key rural actors of the bio-based value chain. The service portfolio for each MIP will be defined by the specific regional needs and barriers that need to be addressed for the upscale of the sector. By incorporating a market-oriented perspective, we aim to address both the visible and hidden needs of stakeholders, ensuring the services meet their requirements effectively.

Through collaborative efforts, the workshops will focus on defining the service portfolio for each MIP. Participants from various stakeholder groups, including farmers, researchers, business actors, and policy makers, will gather to provide valuable feedback on the functionalities of the toolkit. This collective wisdom will shape the future of the innovation support services, fostering growth and development across sectors.

The organization of these workshops will be coordinated by INNV, with co-creation guidelines prepared by WHITE. Building upon the information collected thus far, INNV will define the features, functions, and resources required for the delivery of each service by the MIPs. This customization process will align existing services offered by partners with the outcomes of the workshops, specifically the results of WP1.

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