MainstreamBIO Co-creation workshops ended: Valuable insights learned

Project newsMainstreamBIO Co-creation workshops ended: Valuable insights learned

MainstreamBIO Co-creation workshops ended: Valuable insights learned

MainstreamBIO consortium partners, involving INNV, MTU, AUP, IUNG, WR, PROC, and FBCD, are delighted to announce the successful completion of the co-creation workshops held between May and June 2023. These workshops aimed to develop innovative support services (business and technological) for key rural actors in the bio-based value chain and actively involve them in shaping the service portfolio for each Multi-actor Innovation Platform (MIP).

Participants from various stakeholder groups, such as farmers, researchers, business actors, and policy makers, provided valuable feedback during the workshops. This feedback will be used to define the project’s services portfolio, and also to adjust the specifications of the MainstreamBIO digital toolkit, ensuring that they both effectively address the specific regional needs and barriers of the targeted regions.

The workshops, coordinated by INNV, gathered collective wisdom and fostered collaboration among participants. WHITE, being responsible for preparing the organizational guidelines, ensured that partners would be able to smoothly organize their workshops.

Valuable insights and feedback were gained from workshops held in different countries. Ultimately, all workshops worked towards the same objective of defining the project’s services portfolio based on their regional needs, barriers, and upcoming challenges.

The success of these workshops demonstrates the significance of fostering a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation. The valuable feedback received will allow MainstreamBIO to define and deliver effectively the services, driving growth and development in the bioeconomy sector of each MIP.

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