Our MIP’s co-creation workshops are on their way!

Project newsOur MIP’s co-creation workshops are on their way!

Our MIP’s co-creation workshops are on their way!

Between April and May 2023, a co-creation workshop will be organized by the consortium partners INNV (ES), MTU (IE), AUP (BG), IUNG (PL), WR (NL), PROC (SE) and FBCD (DK) for each of the MIPs. The information collected up until now will be used to adopt a co-creation strategy that involves important stakeholders in the development of the innovation support services that each MIP will offer. This approach will incorporate a market-oriented perspective that aims to address both visible and hidden needs of the stakeholders. The aim of the workshops is to collaboratively define the service portfolio for each MIP and collect feedback on the functionalities of the toolkit. The workshop will engage 10-15 participants from different stakeholder groups, including farmers, researchers, business actors, and policy makers.

The organization of the workshops will be coordinated by INNV, with guidelines for co-creation prepared by WHITE. Based on the outcomes of the workshops, INNV will define the features, functions, and resources required for the delivery of each service by the MIPs. This will be done by customizing existing services of partners according to the results of WP1.

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