Unlocking the potential of unused biomass in Europe

Other NewsUnlocking the potential of unused biomass in Europe

Unlocking the potential of unused biomass in Europe

Inspiring news in sustainable innovation front. The EU PRIMED Project is unlocking the potential of unused biomass resources in Europe. Over 900 million tons go unused annually, but change is here.

PRIMED, led by Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), aims to develop fair business models to harness the hidden potential of biomass resources. The majority of residual biomass, around 98%, currently ending up in incineration plants and landfills could become an extraordinary resource.

The project focuses on transforming biomass waste from agriculture and food industries into bioplastics, biofuels, and biofertilizers. 12 partners across Europe, led by Stefanie Bröring from RUB, are joining forces for this transformative journey.

PRIMED is not only about innovations; it’s about creating green jobs and strengthening rural economies. Upgrading residual biomass has the potential to create ten times more jobs than just using it for energy production.

PRIMED is testing circular business models in five Bioeconomy Living Labs across Europe:

  • Finland: Innovative food and cosmetic applications from agricultural by-products.
  • Ireland: Transforming dairy and forestry waste into biodegradable plastics and bio-based fertilizers.
  • Italy: Bioplastics, biodiesel, and more from fishing, food, and agricultural waste.
  • Portugal: Functional silica nanoparticles, polymers, and coatings from agro-industrial residues.
  • Spain: Compressed natural biogas, irrigation water, and electricity from manure and agricultural waste.

Primary producers and end users are highly encouraged to join these transformative initiatives. Upgrading residual biomass contributes to the overall bioeconomy strategy but most importantly towards a sustainable future for all to enjoy.

Read more here: bit.ly/4bsXPxP

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