Our Bulgarian Co-Creation Workshop was completed successfully !

Project newsOur Bulgarian Co-Creation Workshop was completed successfully !

Our Bulgarian Co-Creation Workshop was completed successfully !

On 22 May 2023, the Agricultural University of Plovdiv organised a co-creation workshop involving 15 rural stakeholders. Various sectors related to bioeconomy were present from biomass suppliers, to business representatives, researchers and academia members, policy makers, civil organisations, and representatives from regional bioeconomy/biobased initiatives.

During the meeting, participants provided positive feedback regarding several services offered by MainstreamBIO. These services included business model design and optimisation, market analysis, guidance in accessing funding, business mentoring, and matchmaking. The participants emphasized the importance of self-building business models and the need for AI-supported tools tailored to specific business models. They also highlighted the significance of detailed market analysis, interactive maps with sectoral market insights, and support in accessing funding opportunities and finding suitable project partners.

Among the technological services provided, participants appreciated project design and development advice, pilot project implementation support, scale-up advisory, technology scouting, techno-economic analysis, and nutrient management and fertilization assistance. The participants expressed interest in conservation agriculture, bio-solarisation, integrated pest management, and bio-refining as nutrient management practices. A need for user-friendly support and access to technologies was emphasized, as well as the importance of piloting and ensuring offline capabilities for decision support systems.

The digital toolkit received positive feedback for its catalogue of small-scale bio-based technologies, business models, and social innovations. Participants found the toolkit to be a valuable resource, particularly for starting new business activities or reengineering existing ones. The decision support system was highlighted as a crucial tool, providing confidence and effective management assistance. The collection of best practices for improved nutrient recycling, including conservation agriculture, bio-solarisation, integrated pest management, and bio-refining, was highly appreciated.

Nonetheless, participants raised concerns about language barriers and the availability of resources only in English, which could limit the toolkit’s usefulness and dissemination. They also suggested including national language materials and scientific research papers in the bio-economy repository. The need for a more detailed explanation of the tool library’s function was mentioned, and participants expressed interest in the Bioforum as a platform for sharing good examples and facilitating technology transfer.

Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights and feedback for the MainstreamBIO project. Participants emphasized the importance of user-friendly and localised services and materials, as well as the need for offline functionality and comprehensive support for technology adoption. By addressing these suggestions, MainstreamBIO can enhance its services and ensure wider adoption and impact in the bioeconomy sector.

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