Successful MainstreamBIO Co Creation Workshop Sparks Valuable Discussions

Project newsSuccessful MainstreamBIO Co Creation Workshop Sparks Valuable Discussions

Successful MainstreamBIO Co Creation Workshop Sparks Valuable Discussions

In a highly successful co-creation workshop organized by our Swedish partners, RISE, MainstreamBIO brought together 12 participants from diverse backgrounds. The workshop served as a platform for biomass suppliers, business representatives,
research and academia, policy actors, general public/community initiatives, and representatives of regional bioeconomy/biobased initiatives to engage in exciting and insightful discussions.

One of the main focal points of the workshop was the challenge faced by companies when it comes to commercializing and launching their products in the market. Participants highlighted the significance of funding as a crucial factor for the success of these companies. Access to appropriate financial resources emerged as a key element in supporting their growth and sustainability.

Additionally, the workshop shed light on the obstacle of integrating new technologies into large companies. Participants emphasized the inherent risks associated with testing unproven technologies. Small new companies, unable to bear the potential costs alone, encounter difficulties in persuading large corporations to adopt and test their innovative solutions.

The discussions held during the workshop not only identified these challenges but also paved the way for constructive dialogue and exploration of potential solutions.

The success of the MainstreamBIO’s series of co-creation workshop demonstrates the importance of fostering a supportive ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship and innovation!

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